Expelling Supernatural Attacks, Black Magic and Influence of Evil Jinns

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Expelling Supernatural Attacks, Black Magic and Influence of Evil Jinns | In current modern world, even when we don’t believe in the negative energy or black magic attacks, we can’t really deny their existence. Supernatural power, good or bad, will still work as it is without the need of the human thoughts and beliefs. Although the method performed will demand patience and courage during and after the cleansing is done, this article will explain a method for one to easily expel or neutralize low-tiered to medium-tiered psychic attack or also black magic attack.

Expelling Supernatural Attacks, Black Magic and Influence of Evil Jinns

This method can be used to neutralize negative things that nest within oneself’s body or others, and the effect of this method will be better when done regularly. This method can be done by anyone regardless of religion and belief and applies to everyone, whether they believe it or not, it’s not a problem, because a real esoteric knowledge will work without being believed. Ingredients needed for the cleaning process of negative energy or black magic are:

1. Kosher salt ½ – 1 kg
2. Large water bucket (filled with clean water)
3. Hot water

Before performing the method, it will be better to fast for one day with the intention of asking for God’s help to eliminate all the bad things and things that doesn’t belong to ourself, and during fasting look for the ingredients above and prepare the things below:
1. Put all the salt into the water filled bucket
2. Pour hot water in to slightly dilute the salt and let the water in the bucket becomes lukewarm
3. Use the water for bathing as usual

After doing the method, you can continue your daily activity as usual and if it feels sticky, you can shower as usual after waiting for at least 1-2 hours after the saltwater bath. If there are signs of black magic attack, do the salt bath for seven days every morning or afternoon, and if only for precaution, once a week or two weeks will be enough.

After regularly doing this method, you will be able to see the real effect, easily sick ones will get healthier and one that are vulnerable to psychic attacks whether physically or in a dream will gradually receive less effects and other benefits. If it really was a black magic attack, there will be resistances by the negative energy or evil beings through dreams,  or physically scaring you, but do not be afraid because they will  use your fear of them to win.

This method is usually done by the occult practitioners from all backgrounds and usually given spell or a special prayer as boost of confidence and success. In this article I give you its natural method, so that this method can be done by anyone. Apologize if there are less pleasing words and unprecise language used. Put your comment in the fields provided or send an email to [email protected], where you can also consult spiritual and supernatural matters personally or for free, only for mataketiga.com readers. If you want to get your energy pattern sketch or occult sketch, you can also contact via whatsapp +6285-655-910-598 or by clicking here.

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