Scanning human energy tutorial

Mataketiga | Greetings fellow brothers and sisters, pardon me to write this late night due my fullday and tiring schedule today. I almost forgot that i have a lot things to do, but thankfully its done already.
Well, tonight mata ketiga will share something to you all. Its not actually an article but its some basic training on video that i owned about scanning human energy and fundamental health. The purpose is for training for basic scanning on human ( well i mean on energy and health, not for scanning people’s look.. 😂 just joking)

Okay back to here again, scanning human energy tutorial maybe this technique have been thaught by a lot of people and spiritual masters, but i think i want to share it so more people will know and practice about this while i made example on youtube video.
Thanks for my buddy that came and help me to be my partner in this middle of the night to make this video

Okay then dear readers, you can watch this video first before i explain about Scanning human energy tutorial:

How to do this:
1. Sat down face on each other within 1 metres / 3 feet distance
2. Rub your hands until it feels warm/hot (optional)
3. Then place your hand on position. See the example on the video that i made
4. Move up and down hand that placed in the middle

If you do it right, then you feel some kind of air movement or even small electric tickling or needle if you are sensitive on energy. But most, only feel air movement. Thats because each people on earth have a different energy and different sensitivity.
Next, while you sense that energy, keep going until you feel the temperature goes up which mean that guy in front of you have a good health condition, while if it feels cold means that guy have a health issue or too tired etc.

Next, after 1 person move his hands just like in the video, its time for you partner to learn to sense by moving hands, and any movement that i showed you in the video, thats some basic on Scanning human energy and human fundamental health. This is just basic and remain calm and relax, dont be so rush on doing it. If you mastered this basic steps you can find a spiritual masters, Gurus, or spiritual community while disccuss about breath and human energy to share and to learn. Because this technique can lead to another technique that you can develop.

Thats a video and basic lesson that mataketiga can bring you brothers and sisters in the middle of my daily routine. I will try to update it on my spare time. My apology if its not acceptable (and my bad english while i live in a country which english is not our mainland language) and thanks for the attention. You can write comments on comments column or send me message on [email protected].
You can ask me and consult me about spiritual matters. Privacy is highly respected and protected, its free for enthusiasts.

Scanning human energy tutorial
Scanning human energy tutorial

Love and respect, good wish for you all