when a supernatural or spiritual activities are developing but you’re in a weak condition or not sensitive, at that time, all symbols and entities can only come through dreams.
Different with when we are sensitive, everything will be clear and visible even when we’re conscious. And it’s not easy to get into this condition every time because our physical energy will drop easily and our mind will get unbalanced.

So are dreams, not all dreams are correct, that is why we need to study it further to understand and reveal if the dream is just a standard dream, symbolic dream, or arrival of other entities. in java there are specific time to identify the dream, also can be a standard even though there are other things that supports valuation of a dream whether it’s right or wrong


This condition when dreaming is the basic steps when one’s supernatural and spiritual starts to develops and can be used as a measuring point to increase their sensitivity even more by doing meditation
There are also some cases that can increase their sensitivity and its surrounding with a trigger.


jalak paningal

translated by dewi supraba