sketches of energy patterns and esoteric knowledge

Mataketiga | This time article will discuss about the energy pattern and its reader system, with permission to the client to discuss the energy pattern then this article appears and later for those interested in using sketching energy pattern will include three links and contacts.
At first glance the energy pattern is the pattern that exists and is born of the nature of energy in a person or thing or location (home, business etc) and from that point the third will visualize symbols of energy and color, after which the client will get a complete reading and will get consultation For 1 hour.

Now with the picture listed then let’s start reading the pattern of energy is sketched from the form of a symbol that looks like it resembles two trees facing each other * each person has a unique pattern each, the only common brown and the other colorful and of course it brings meaning and nature Its own ie.

jasa sketsa pola energi keilmuan, bawaan dan benda benda pusaka