contoh sketsa karakter

Character Sketch is unordinary sketch, the sketch which can describe who really you are in spiritual, psychology and supernatural view. The sketch tells everything about you, it will tell even in you are in struggle, stress, happiness, mad, anger,etc, for example, a good person will not always show beauty sketch result, because you don’t know what is inside, deep inner character.

After 4 years in Supernatural Sketch experience, in beginning 2015, I (Jalak Paningal) start to open Character Sketch Service. One of reasons I open this service is because I see people have psychological illness burried inside them. It may cause medical and non-medical problem in future.


Character sketch also shows your real talent which could be never realized before. This service is different with Supernatural Sketch because it is not about guardian spirit, but rather about you, include Medical and Non Medical Health condition check. Not only about the sketch result, we will try to help you to find solutions.

The sketch will be in digital format (peg file) in high resolution, you can print and frame it as collection. About the service : Fee : $49 per person, include free consultation.

Interval : 3-7 work days. The result will be sent via email, BBM or WhatsApp

Please contact us 085655910598 by SMS/WhatsApp


Note : your privacy is safe, we never share your identity to public. The sketch result will be displayed in our gallery by your permission.