inti hikmat meditasi cleansing meditation is the fist step in learning in Inti Hikmat which revolves around realization on heart and mind, whereas the procedures to begin cleansing meditation is:

-sit cross-legged without having your feet over the other
-make your every muscle and nerve as relaxed as possible
-use perfume on the back of your ears and on your ankles
-close your eyes and begin meditation

in cleansing meditation, the person doesn’t have to focus, imagine, or suggest themselves or anyone, the point of cleansing meditation is to let everything go as it is, let your thought be there but don’t trace it or follow it, you must also not suppress or hold it in.

and this meditation is different than some philosophy or other meditation that focus on emptying yourself entirely, this meditation is consciousness within emptiness, and doesn’t depends on time.
and to know when the meditation is done, just follow our instinct or conscience, it will give us a signal in variative way, often by pleasant or uncomfortable feeling, wanting to stop the meditation.

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