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    Supernatural sketch is a drawing of a spiritual companion each person has that were assigned to protect the person who was created by God.

    Sometimes there are also spirits aside from companions which sticks to human’s body and life and cause unbalance both in spiritual and real life which usually can lead to bad fortune and a variety of other life issues and seem awkward.

    and so, WIDYAMALA supernatural sketch offers the service to find out who and what is following you, so it can be determined from the sketch if it has any negative effect or not, or if a cleansing is needed.

    the work process may vary between 1-3 days depnding on the spirit scanned within our view, requesting procedure can be asked to the contact number at the end of this page

    Items that can be sketched are: 1.human 2.Items with magic power 3.House or Bussiness Office

    However, we can not do our service for things that are in form of energy because of many cause and reason that can only be explained in direct meeting.